An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Team LA-AX: Day 5

WADDUP…this is Gracie…today was super awesome. Yesterday, Pastor Ed told us that it is really important to have a day of Sabbath to relax and evaluate our relationship with God. It’s a day to unwind and take a break from the “go-go-go” throughout the week. So that we did.

We started out the day with a devotion by Jon and then we went to the Laundromat to do our laundry. That was actually an experience for me since I had never been to one! J Then we came back and got ready to go to the beach! WOOT! Man life is rough… (sarcasm)

Then we came back and went to dinner that was provided for us by the amazing volunteers here. We went upstairs and were surprised to see every place set, the beautiful orchids that the people here have “reused and nursed back to life” and to a steak dinner. I can’t believe the amount of service I have seen here. I have never met such people so eager and genuinely happy to help other people. These people really inspire me to serve other people more. Everyone’s story of God’s revelation is just another way of God showing what He can do and how He can use His people. 

After our awesome supper we went to the Pantages theatre to see THE MUSICAL CHICAGO! Pastor Ed surprised us with tickets at supper! Not only was the musical amazing…but so were our seats! I was on the outside in the center aisle! Pastor Ed has an amazing way of making people feel important and special while being humble and not “showing off” by the amount of people he knows and skills God has definitely blessed him with. He certainly could by the amount of people that know him here. He knew people from the theatre and got us tickets half off!

After the musical we came back and had a team meeting led by Aaron. He asked us how our Sabbath was and what God had taught us. Some people said that God had taught them a lesson on being thankful and others said that at the beach seeing all the crazy things God really showed them how His people need Him.

Overall this trip has been amazing. The way that I feel served and have been serving … I feel like I am on a vacation. God has seriously blessed me with such a fantastic group of people to work with – they are the most real, fun, and helpful people. It’s just great. GREAT!


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