An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Team LA-AX: Day 2

Hello, Marie here!  The fabulous day 2 of our trip here to LAX.  Have we really been here for over 24 hours?  It seems like we have been a part of this church for years because of the grace and hospitality that has reigned over us.

Day 2 started out with a pure reading of the Bible in the sanctuary followed by devotion and some wicked awesome worship music (the last two both mastered by Conner Buenting, of course!).  As if this was not already an amazing start to the day we ate a huge buffet for breakfast and heard about the rich history of Hope International as well as Pastor Ed’s compelling testimony.  Regardless of how interesting, compelling, sad, beautiful, or ____________ (whatever other adjective you want to use to describe someone’s testimony), it always takes us to a time of reflection.  Today I personally thought a lot about what my story holds.  What I do know is that my story is nowhere near as difficult as some I heard today, but I also know that my story is not yet complete.  I am still alive and blessed as ever.  I have been given tools, so what I use to build with them is still in the process.  Here is a verse that keeps me motivated: “’For I know the plans I have for you’, says the Lord.  ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future.’” Jer. 29:11  I hope my plan is something I discover more and more each day—thankfully, I believe I am in that process.


Moving on, today we were also blessed with food.  As a team we were able to eat 10X better than I eat at my little college apartment, and we were able to prepare (some of us cooking for the first time hehe) and feed a great amount of homeless people with food from local stores.  In fact, God provided us with an abundance of food, in which we were able to share with Catholic Charities (we were also able to visit their pantry and meet some of their staff/volunteers).  Too, many of us met homeless people with heart-wrenching stories, yet these people are so full of life!  Pastor Ed reminded us of the several personas we may encounter on this mission, and most importantly he reminded us is that “Jesus died on the cross for each person that walks through these doors today—he loved them THAT MUCH.”  What an inspiration these people have been to the lives of us comfortable and stable college students.  We are looking forward to listening and sharing stories with several other believers and non-believers this week.  Praise God!

Does it seem like we did a lot of work today?  Well… we did!  Buuut, because of Pastor Ed’s generosity, we did go to Hollywood tonight to see Johnny Depp’s new movie.  We did a little walking around and sight seeing beforehand and of course, I spotted a Starbucks to keep me rolling!  Again, praise the Lord.  Life is good here.  AND… all you parents out there worried about our safety…. We are covered 🙂 God has provided so much for us.

 All in all, today was simply a BLESSING! God has provided for Hope and has provided for our team, and we are convinced that he will continue to do so.

Until the morning, goodnight LA!!!

Much love from the team.


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