An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Welcome Week 2011!

Hello dear friends!  As you make your way back to our lovely campus in the next few days, I hope you find yourself well-rested, prepared, and excited for yet another wonderful year!  Fall 2011 brings a few changes to Axiom, including a new time and location for our worship service, and we are pumped to get going!  So, before you solidify your plans for Welcome Week 2011, take a look at our schedule, get psyched, and, of course, tell all your friends!

Sunday, August 21st – Ice Cream Social

What could be better after a hot day traipsing around the Quad  than hanging out with Axiom and eating some super cold ice cream??  Join us at the Axiom House at 7pm for cool treats and even cooler people!




Monday, August 22nd – Axiom Worship Service

That’s right!  Axiom’s weekly worship service will be held on Monday nights at 8pm this semester!!  ALSO, our location is different this semester: we’ll be meeting in Mumford Hall (on the south quad), Rm. 103.   We can’t imagine a better way to kick off the semester than praising the Lord with all of our friends, so we really hope to see you and all of your buddies there!  *Afterwards, we’ll be heading back to the Axiom House to finish off the ice cream from Sunday night.*


Wednesday, August 24th – Burgers, Bags, and Bocci

Even after only a few days on campus, you’ll probably be missin’ mom’s home cooking, so why not let Axiom provide the grub?  Grab your friends and head on over to the Axiom House at 7pm for some grilled deliciousness and lots of fun games!  (If you’re already a part of Axiom, we’d really appreciate you bringing a side to pass – thanks in advance!)





Friday, August 26th – Date Night with Axiom

You’ve officially finished the first week of Fall 2011 and now you’re ready for the weekend!  Join your fellow Axiom-ites as we head to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner at 6pm, and then back to the House for a movie (TBD).  Who knows, you may even meet your future ‘someone special’ on this date night…





Saturday, August 27th – CANOE TRIP!!!!!

Best. Event. Ever.  Seriously.  If you opt out of this one, you will probably, if not definitely, regret it.  We’ll be meeting at the Axiom House at 8:30am on Saturday morning to head to Kickapoo State Park where we’ll spend the rest of the day getting to know one another while canoeing, eating our sack lunches, and swimming in the river.  The cost is $16, and you need to get that money to J.D. Maloney no later than Wednesday (*ahem* Burgers, Bags, and Bocci).   This is definitely something your friends would love for you to tell them about, so, go do it (also, SIGN UP HERE)!




See you soon! (and Welcome back to school!!)






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