An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Te[am] Iubesc: Reflections on the Voyage Home

I’m sitting here in a flying machine thousands of feet above you typing away on an iPad….crazy much? Well, I think so. (the idea of airplanes still freak me out, but that’s a story for another day). A couple things I found note worthy so far today…

1) Airplane food isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s pretty dang tasty and I really enjoyed my vegetarian option of spinach and cheese pasta. Do let not those trickster comedians tell you otherwise.
2) Airplane seats aren’t meant for 8 hour rides. Like, this is borderline torture, they should really look into getting the seats some better lumbar support, and not making me feel like I have the back of a fifty year old…( which may or may not be the case…still determining that possibility)
3) Heather brought along a HUGE kit of string for friendship bracelets, which  occupied the majority of our two hour extended layover in Brussels. I’ve currently made 3 bracelets while heather has made 5 and is currently working on a twisted hair wrap that most 4th grade girls would sport for myself. We’ve gotten a few funny looks along side a very excited airline attendant asking us “girls” what we were doing to our hair…yes we are twenty and yes we are proud.

With five hours still left on the plane, I have a far amount of time to process the past two weeks of my life. It’s weird to say that in five hours I’ll be at the  airport meeting my family. I’m excited to go home for the familiarity of it and for the much needed rest (not to mention seeing whole family again which hasn’t happened since Christmas). But it was hard to go. It’s hard to leave all the people and relationships behind. It’s hard to think about another team coming in to work with Rachel and Dave at the center and not have that team be mine. But it’s amazing that there are other teams going to share the workload. To share their love and their God given passions and to spur the ministry on. It’s amazing to think what all these other people can do to further Gods plan for Tinca. I’m sad to leave, but i know God did His work with us there and has a wonderful plan for the groups to follow.

So what so we do know? Where does that leave us? To me, there are a few things we  can still do….We can remember. Remember the faces and the names of the forgotten people of Tinca. We can reflect. Reflect on their stories and how that has affected and shaped our own. We can pray. Pray for God’s will to be done and that He continues to work in and  bless the people of Tinca. And  we can share. We can share our story and our passion for this ministry and how it’s changed us, whether we really planned for that to happen or not.

I want to thank all of you for supporting and partnering us on this life changing journey. God has done some amazing, breathtaking, life changing things on this trip and we’re all so happy we could share this experience with you.

So much love,


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