An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Te[am] Iubesc: The Final Countdown

Friday, May 27th, 2011 : Tinca,  Romania.  11:45pm 

This morning started off different than the others. Instead of heading straight to work, we began by giving some toys to the kids at the center. The etch-e-sketches were a big hit. The only thing that pulled them away from them was the candy. We had lots of fun blowing bubbles and dancing with all the kids. Those kids can really shake it!

Then it was time to go to the village to work on Abel and Samuel’s house. Right before leaving, Ben asked for a couple volunteers to do something. Sarah and I volunteered and it turns out that something was clearing a quite large patch of weeds, small trees, vines, and roots. We hacked and axed and pulled our way through. We flattened it! I was really glad I got to do this last task with Sarah since we had been paired up on other odd tasks on the trip.  It turned out that the space that we cleared will become the space for the new addition onto the Isaiah Center!  Meanwhile at Abel and Samu’s house, their hut was painted, the attic cleaned out, and a drainage pipe laid.  We were both a little sad that we didn’t get to go to the village, but I just kept reminding myself that all of this is not about me, or what I want. All of this work is for God and for His glory.

Everyone came back to us for lunch, and after that we left to see the new building FMN is buying. It was awesome to hear Rachel talk about her plans for the place and the work that needs done. I just want to stay another two weeks and start building! Then we got to go see the elderly home that Mehai runs. It was great to see him in a different setting. He can be a little disgruntled at times, and all we’ve done is work, so I loved seeing him smiling and proud of the place and his new pigs.

Then came the rope swing. Everyone had fun, and the cold water felt great! I kind of failed on 2 out of three jumps, but even they were fun.  I’m going to have to practice for when I come back! Then back at the center, our clothes stayed soaked as we played with the kids in the sprinkler, and the kids wore the new swimsuits we brought them. Simona was shivering with cold from playing so long but would not stop! The newly finished outdoor shower was tested, and it worked great.

Saying goodbye to all of the kids was sad, we have all learned their individual personalities and were just beginning to really bond with them and then it was time to take them back to the village for the last time. Since Sarah and I hadn’t seen Abel and Samu’s house yet, we got to go to take them home; but so many people wanted to go back we almost didn’t get to go again! Everyone loves these kids so much, and wants to see them to the last moment.

Back at the center, we got to relax, eat dinner, have team time, and watch a movie. We were able to enjoy a little bit of the work we’ve done these couple weeks. We all sat on the patio that was a pigsty, literally, at the beginning.  We sat around a fire pit we dug, fueled by all the wood we cut and carried to the woodshed we built.  There was a peace I felt there, knowing that more teams this summer are going to be worshipping there. I can’t wait to see pictures of this place at the end of the summer. If every team makes as many changes as we did, this whole town could look completely different! I can’t wait to keep up with the changes, and when I return sometime in the future, I don’t doubt Rachel and the whole FMN team will still be adding on and expanding this great ministry in Tinca, Romania.

– Valerie


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