An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Te[am] Iubesc: Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things- exactly what our second day of work was filled with. By starting the day at the same time, 8 am, we had plenty of time for plenty of work. Which is exactly what we got… in the best way. Breakfast was slightly more substantial, consisting of salami and smoked bacon as well as bread and jam. After filling our stomachs, as well as our hearts with a great testimony from Em Heaton, we headed off to the Isaiah Center.

I went into the village with a few others to pick up the younger children for the morning. Going into the village has a bit of a shock factor… the way these people live. It’s really insane. Alex, the child with Downs Syndrome, plopped right down on my lap for the ride back. This was so awesome. I wanted to melt when he turned himself around to wrap me in a big hug. Little things like that can mean so much. Later in the day, when he reached out for me to hold him, I was overjoyed. He then continued to stick his entire fist into my mouth…. equally enjoyable, if not more. What a beautiful child.

All of the children at the center have such great personalities. At one point in the day, the children realized that the hose could be turned on and used as quite the toy. I then got put on “faucet guard duty,” my most important role of the day, I ensure you. We spent about an hour fighting off five girls screaming and pulling to turn on the faucet and drench themselves. Even though they were already soaked, it really wasn’t the best thing to do at the time. Things got even crazier when they were scaling the fence into the back lot! It took the work of three of us to finally turn the attention off the faucet. The battle was quite epic, I must say.

Isa, Rachel’s daughter, and I had some INTENSE playtime as well today. First, her, Sarah, and I were princesses. Princesstime ended with all of us on Jasmine’s magic carpet, (a.k.a. the sidewalk) flying through the air at crazy speeds, screaming at the top of our lungs! Isa and I proceeded to have a very intense dance party. I taught her my ultra-sweet (I swear, they’re ultra-sweet…. ish) breakdancing moves and she schooled me in some fantastic moves of her own. Playtime ended with the creation of our band ‘The Rock.’ There were many members of the band, which included Kelly and Alina. Isabelle led the group on vocals, while Kelly kept the beat on drums. Alina slapped da bass like a pro, and I jammed out on guitar. There is possible video footage of our concert, get pumped.

Believe it or not, we did some work as well. We continued tearing down the pigsty, mixed our own cement, and made the foundation for a new building, cleaned out the garden, and some men traveled to the village for some intense hole-digging. The village trip consisted of Robbie, Tyler, Ben, J.P., Justin, and Dave (a British worker at the Isaiah Center). The stories from their trip are quite moving, complete with Ben teaching children in the village the words ‘Booyah and Bailamosssssss.’ The holes were tough though, since they were digging through rubbish and many other unappetizing substances, and the holes were one meter squared and two meters deep. That’s a lot of hole!

The day ended with great team time and some worship, lead by Tyler, Conner, and Robbie. Samuel, one of the Isaiah Center children, settled on my lap for the worship session. As we were singing Beautiful Things, I looked up to see Samuel turned around, smiling a gigantic smile right in my direction. The words ‘You make beautiful things out of the dust,’ never struck me so strongly.

-Heather Norris


One response

  1. Kayla

    Hi friends!

    I just wanted you guys to know that I’m so excited about the work that you’re doing! I love all the blog posts and pictures. It’s just amazing to see what God can and will do through such open and loving hearts like yours.

    And I want to encourage you to soak up as much as you can. I’m sure the time will just fly by. Remember all the precious moments and make the most of it. I just love you all so much and know that God is using each of you and your gifts in big and unique ways!

    Praying for you every day.



    May 21, 2011 at 7:43 pm

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