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Te[am] Iubesc: Inaugural Work Day

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 : Tinca,  Romania.  10:30pm

The alarm at 7:30 came way too quickly this morning, though the alarm may have been unnecessary.  The village roosters and dogs are definitely willing to wake you as the sun rises over the village.  Our first day of work in Romania had finally arrived.

After a swift breakfast and devotion, the team set out on the approximately 1 mile journey to the Isaiah Center.  In hand were all of the toys and games that we had brought with us in our luggage.  Upon arrival we met up with Michelle and Herb who are two Americans working at the mission for an extended period of time and another friend Mehai, who also works for FMN.  We were all fortunate enough to go on the drive to pick up the children from there homes in the morning.  Riding through the village and seeing not only the difference between the standard of living in the United States, but also the difference between the Romanians, and they gypsies.  Certain streets near the outside of the village were designated, unofficially of course, as the streets where the gypsies live since the Romanians want nothing to do with them.  Gathering up the children that were excited to come to the Isaiah Center was really cool to see.

Once the team got back we began to tackle the three main projects for the day, the first being to demolish and recycle the pig barn.  As the team disassembled the structure, we sorted the pieces by their type and quality since we will be using whatever we can save to build some outhouses in the village.  The demolition was almost completed by the end of the day, as well as a fence put up to fill the hole left by the lack of pig barn wall.  Rebuilding that fence section was crucial since, if it wasn’t finished tonight, there was a great risk people would try to walk in during the night and steal items from the center.  The team also split firewood at Rachel’s home, and stacking it up to dry.  Believe it or not, this is the first shipment of wood for the winter to heat her home and the Isaiah Center.  Lastly, the team used the rubble that was unfit for building materials to level a portion of the yard where a foundation will be poured tomorrow for the lean-to that will house the previously mentioned firewood.

All of these projects happened while we got to take turns playing all sorts of games with the children, getting to know there names and what they enjoyed doing.  All of which made it an amazing and tiring experience.

The team finished off the night with an amazing (and HUGE) meal of soup, bread, walnut-cinnamon toast, and crepes.  Never has a shower and soft bed felt more comfortable.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support, we really feel God working and doing great things through the ministry and Rachel!



One response

  1. Linda Behrens

    Heather Norris – We are so proud of you! Prayers and blessings to everyone!!!

    May 20, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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