An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Te[am] Iubesc: Are We There Yet??

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011. Paris, France. 11:30am

Technically, it’s Wednesday already, both at home and here in Paris, but it definitely still feels like Tuesday night…

After months and months of planning, Te[am] Iubesc arrived at O’Hare around 2pm today, packed and ready to go.  We worked our way through security and got to our gate around 3:30 (there are sixteen of us so it took a while); we boarded the plane around 5:30, were in the air by 6:10 and landed in Paris a little before 9am, which felt more like 2am to our sleep-deprived bodies.  It was a long, warm, stuffy flight, spanning almost 8 hours, and, needless to say, we were all very happy when we got to stand up, stretch, and walk into the sunlight.

From the plane, we took an airport shuttle to our gate, and that’s when the fun began. Charles de Gaul airport is big and busy and beautiful, but it’s also kind of confusing, and despite our best efforts, we were definitely that stereotypical group of confused Americans for a little while.   In other words, we walked around quite a bit, which actually felt quite nice considering we had spent the better part of the last 11 hours sitting down.

After walking the terminal from end to end (quite swiftly, mind you) and asking two different people for directions (Where is Malev??), we finally found the check-in.  And, as it turned out, we were too early – we couldn’t check in more than two hours before our flight was scheduled to leave – so we sat on the nearby chairs and waited.

Right now, we’re finally at the gate with only another hour or so before we’re in the air again heading to Budapest, Hungary.  The flight itself is only two hours,  but once we land, we’ll all pile into a van for a nice 3 hour drive to Tinca, Romania.  Finally!

It’s been a long day already and it’s not even noon here; we’re all tired and stiff and missing our beds back home, but, hey, at least we all got through security without a hitch, twice!  Moreover, we’re in Paris, France!  The flight attendant on board pronounced it Pair-ee, and I’ve already eaten two authentic Parisian croissants!  But, best of all, before today is over, we’ll be in Tinca, getting ready to spend the next two weeks working as Christ’s hands and feet, and showing His magnificent love to some beautiful Roma children!

We are Te[am] Iubesc – team I Love You – and we really do love all of you, and we can’t wait to love on everyone we meet in the days ahead.  Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.

Tinca, here we come!



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