An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Senior Spotlight: Zach Duncan

Each and every member of Axiom holds a special place in the heart of the ministry.  Whether you are a part of the leadership team,serve on campus with us,  join us for retreats, or just worship with us Thursday nights, your presence makes a difference, and when you leave, you are missed.  We want to give our graduating seniors the opportunity to speak their wisdom into our lives, and give our underclassmen the chance to meet, and be influenced by, the students who have come before them.   (If you’re a part of Axiom and graduating this spring, please send us an email!)

  • What did you study, and why?

Nuclear Engineering.  I’ve always enjoyed math and science, so a career in nuclear engineering has allowed me to do something I enjoy, and help the world with its energy crisis at the same time.

  •  How did you find Axiom, and how did God use it in your life?

I was looking online for places to live, and found the Christian Campus House.  It was one of the main reasons I came to U of I, and has helped me to become a better disciple of Christ for all four years that I have lived there.

  •  What are you up to now; do you have any plans in the works for the future?

I will moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I will be working at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory.

  •  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully alive, and still working in Pittsburgh or another job related to nuclear engineering.

  •  What will you miss most about Axiom?

Definitely the annual canoe trip, one of the funnest Axiom events.  I’ll miss all of the people at U of I too.  No where else can you find so many people that are the same age as you.

  •  What were your favorite and least favorite things about campus life?

Favorite- living on your own; choosing what you want to do; making your own schedule.  College is what shapes people careers and lives, and it’s an exciting thing to experience.

Least Favorite-  Studying and taking finals.

  •  What is you biggest fear?

Causing a catastrophic nuclear meltdown.

  •  Do you have any prayer requests?

For a smooth and prosperous transition into my new life in Pittsburgh.

  •  Advice for incoming students?

Don’t let the whole college atmosphere overwhelm you, it’s really not that big and scary.

Much Love,

Zach Duncan, Graduated: May 2011


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