An ongoing story of God's work on campus: God is real, Jesus saves, and you are loved, always.

Senior Spotlight: Michelle Husz

Each and every member of Axiom holds a special place in the heart of the ministry.  Whether you are a part of the leadership team, join us for retreats, or just worship with us each Thursday night, your presence makes a difference, and when you leave, you are missed.  We want to give our graduating seniors the opportunity to speak their wisdom into our lives, and give our underclassmen the chance to meet, and be influenced by, the students who have come before them.  Towards the end of each semester, I’ll be contacting the Axiom seniors to write a little bit about themselves – to say good bye to their friends and family here at the University of Illinois.

Admittedly, this Senior Spotlight is a little late, but Michelle was our only graduating senior last semester, and even though she’s been out in the “real world” for two months or so already, we’re still not willing to accept that she’s not around… So, without further ado:

My major was Undecided when I first applied to college. The week before my Junior year I chose to become a Psychology major, but 120 hours of classes, a workshop, and several career books later, and I still don’t know what my calling is. However, I do have a very long list of options, and I intend to start at the top and move down the list until I strike gold. If you could pray that I would find my vocation, I would really appreciate it. And, yeah, if you want to get into a long, ridiculous discussion about what it feels like to throw tens of thousands of dollars into the wind, gimme a call.

When I first came to the University, I had no idea what it would be like. Neither of my parents had gone to college, and none of us knew where to start or what, exactly, I was getting myself into. It was just the “next step” in life. I was in Romania when I applied to the University, so I didn’t even tour the campus. While I didn’t know what major I wanted, I was determined to find a solid Christian ministry to plug into. The first few weeks of school, I went to countless Bible studies and large groups, but I didn’t find anything that was right for me. When I talked to my friend Natalie from high school, she told me about her friend Joe Matuch, who happened to live at a house that had a ministry on the first floor.  After an awkwardly declined invitation to Fall Retreat, I came to my first Thursday night meeting. I didn’t know what I needed at the time, but God did. In a place where I didn’t know up from down, God gave me a solid group of friends and a safe place to grow into maturity and, eventually, a leadership position.

On vacations when I’d come home and talk with my parents, I found myself explaining a lot about my time at Axiom; not just funny stories, but about Publicity team and the dreams that I wanted to accomplish and how difficult dealing with logistics was sometimes…and so on. My dad nodded thoughtfully and said, “Your real education is happening outside of class.” I really appreciate how Axiom gives people the opportunity to work with their gifts and serve their community. All you need to do is ask. My Freshman year, I bullied Ryan Mathews (before he was my boyfriend) into letting me help with the announcement slides so that he could worship with everyone else once in a while. I ended up turning down a position on the leadership team, at first, because there wasn’t anything I wanted to be a leader of. Later, however, when the Publicity team was created, I fell into a leadership role. Axiom runs on the generosity, willingness, and gifts of the students in it. If you want to do something that isn’t currently happening (or even something that is), just ask. There is a place for you.

Of course I miss Axiom. I miss being able to take a short walk across campus and visit my home away from home, full of many of my favorite people. Unfortunately, they tell me this is part of growing up. I’m not sure if I want any part of this growing up business – you’ll have to ask me in a few months or maybe years – but I am really excited about the amount of fellowship I know is possible, and I am determined to find it outside of campus. In any case, I hope to visit Axiom again really soon!

Much Love,

Michelle Husz, Graduated: Dec. 2010


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